Policies and Procedures

Board Bylaw:   
Policy Number:  5.3005
Subject Area:  Student Services 
Adopted: 09/14/2022
Revised: 09/14/2022

A standing committee has been convened to handle student requests for late class drop, withdrawal, and/or refunds.  The Office of Records serves as the committee lead and is responsible for scheduling Hardship Appeal Committee meetings as needed. Hardship Appeal committee meetings will be established once per month or as needed.

Committee membership consists of one representative from:

  • Office of Records
  • Office of Accounts Receivable
  • Office of Financial Aid


A “Request for Hardship Withdraw” form is to be submitted within the term for which the request is being made. This form can be found on the Kaskaskia College website, internal student portal, and from any student services representative.


1.  Completed forms received from students are routed to the Hardship Appeals Committee.

2.  The Committee will gather information as appropriate for presentation at the next Appeals Committee meeting. 

Examples of information gathered by the committee for consideration include but are not limited to:

  • Student narrative statement of need
  • Information pertaining to student attendance
  • External documentation providing evidence of hardship
  • Federal financial aid implications and overall best interest of the student academic record

3.  An “Appeals Checklist” is used to provide consistency in the review process which is located on bottom of Committee Review Action form.

One of the following four outcomes will be determined for each student request:

  • Request will be tabled until the next meeting pending need for additional information.
  • Request for late drop and refund will be granted based on the information provided by the student and the subsequent research.
  • Request for late withdrawal and refund will be granted based on the information provided by the student and the subsequent research.
  • Request will be denied based on the information provided by the student and the subsequent research.

4. Action items including the party responsible for the action resulting from the committee’s review process will be documented on an Excel spreadsheet completed by the Records Office to be accessible to all committee members electronically as well as on an “Appeals Committee Action Form” that remains with the original request form. The “Appeals Committee Action Form” will also be used to document the action taken in response to each action item to ensure that all required action items are completed. The Excel spreadsheets are retained permanently.

5. The student will be notified via student email if they are still enrolled in courses or via direct mail if not still enrolled of the results of their request by the Office of Records.

6. Pertinent documentation will be scanned into the student’s permanent record.

7. In situations involving a potential staff or faculty performance issue or training opportunity to prevent similar appeals in the future, a Notification of Appeals Committee Action Form with appropriate documentation will be provided to the appropriate academic Dean for further action.

Approval History:  September 14, 2022