Polices and Procedures

Board Bylaw:   
Policy Number:  6.0602
Subject Area:  Instruction 
Approved Date: 09 /15/2011

I.      An Instructor/Student Agreement for an Incomplete Grade Form must be completed for each Incomplete grade assigned.  The form must be signed by the student and the faculty member and submitted to the Records Office within two weeks of the end of the course in question.

II.    Appropriate grades must be assigned in other circumstances.  A failing grade and last date of attendance should be recorded for students who cease attending class without notification.

III.   Students who are unable to complete a course and who do not meet the required circumstances for an Incomplete should consider withdrawing from the course.

IV.  The following provisions for Incomplete grades apply:

  • Instructor/Student Agreement for an Incomplete Grade Form may be obtained on the web at https://mykc.kaskaskia.edu/DocumentCenter, in the Admissions Office on campus, or from any of the Kaskaskia College Education Centers
  • Incomplete grades must be completed by the end of the following academic term.  For such purposes, the summer semester counts as an academic term. Incomplete work must be completed and final grades submitted by the last day of the following academic term.  Only under legitimate extenuating circumstances may more time be allowed for completing all required incomplete work.  Such extensions must be approved by the appropriate dean.
  • The course work may be completed while the student is not enrolled as a Kaskaskia College student.
  • Incomplete grades will expire on the date selected by the instructor when the grade of Incomplete is entered.  This date will be no later than the last date of the term following the semester in which the incomplete was posted.  Incomplete grades may be replaced with letter grades prior to the expiration deadline when the instructor submits a signed Instructor Grade Change Form to the Records Office.  This policy affects Incomplete grades given in Fall 2011 and thereafter.  Prior to 2011, Incomplete grades will remain on the permanent record until the expiration date has passed or a grade change has been submitted by the faculty member.
  • An Incomplete grade shall not be considered passing for purposes of determining academic standing, federal financial aid eligibility, athletic eligibility, or other purposes.
  • An Incomplete should not be assigned when it is necessary for the student to attend additional class meetings to complete the course requirements. Students who receive an Incomplete grade in a course are not required to reregister for the course in order to remove the "I" from the record.

Replaces Incomplete Grades Procedure 3.41P
Approved September 15, 2011