Policies and Procedures

Board Bylaw:   
Policy Number:  5.4501
Subject Area:  Student Services 
Adopted: 07/24/2017
Revised: 01/25/2021

Student Activities support of student clubs and organizations as well as student events and activities are designed to provide opportunities for students to be more involved with the College community, develop and demonstrate leadership, show initiative and creativity and contribute to the support of their educational goals and responsibilities.  Student clubs and organizations will be governed by the following guidelines.

I.     Students, faculty, or staff interested in forming a new student club or organization will provide the following information to the Student Engagement Specialist.

       A.     Submission of a proposal for the approval of the new student club or organization addressed to the Board of Trustees.  The Board of Trustees shall be responsible for approval of any new student club or organization. Upon Board of Trustees approval, a new student club or organization will be granted an initial $500 allocation.

       B.     A constitution and a set of by-laws that clearly outlines the organization’s name and objectives.  The purpose and objectives of the proposed organization must be consistent and in accordance with the philosophy and regulations of Kaskaskia College.

       C.     Any information regarding affiliation with any national, state, or local organization, or any persons not directly associated with Kaskaskia College.

       D.     Specific membership requirements for the club or student organization.

               1.     Membership must be open to all students at Kaskaskia College and there shall be no discrimination based on race, color, ethnic origin, age, disability, or social status.

       E.     The names, addresses, phone numbers, and signatures of all charter members and officers.  A minimum of five (5) active members and one sponsor is required before groups are recognized as a College organization.

       F.     The names and signatures of faculty or staff sponsoring the student club or organization

      G.     Dates, times, and locations of regularly scheduled meetings

II.     Requirements for Approved Student Clubs or Organizations

       A.     Student clubs and organizations will file a list of elected officials and members including telephone numbers and email addresses, along with the name(s) of approved sponsor(s) at the beginning of each academic year.

       B.     Student clubs and organizations will maintain an accurate and current record of all receipts and expenditures of their organization.  All expenditures must comply with Kaskaskia College Purchasing and Contracts Policy and Procedures #4.2.

III.     Responsibilities of Student Club or Organization Sponsor(s)

        A.     Will encourage and assist the organizational membership to carry on worthwhile programs and activities

        B.     Will be present at all meetings and social functions of the organizations, both on and off campus, from the beginning to the conclusion of the function.  In the event a sponsor cannot attend a social function, it is the sponsor’s responsibility to find a substitute

        C.     Will advise and assist the treasurer of the organization in keeping accurate and up-to-date records

        D.     Will supervise all student fundraising and ensure the safeguarding and deposit of those funds

        E.     Will complete and sign all proper forms submitted to the Student Engagement Specialist including, but not limited to:

              1.     Beginning of Year Reports – Required for all student club or organization

              2.     End of Year Reports – Required for all student club or organization

              3.     Check Request or Purchase Orders

              4.     Fundraiser and Activity Request Forms

              5.     Field Trip Release Forms and Travel Forms

     F.     Will ensure the student club or organization follows applicable College policies and maintains a positive reputation for the College

Approval History:
January 25, 2021
July 24, 2017