Policies and Procedures

Board Bylaw:   
Policy Number:  5.1010
Subject Area:  Student Services 
Adopted: 01/01/0001
Revised: 03/26/2018

I.    Kaskaskia College is committed to providing quality services to all veterans, active military personnel, and their families and fulfills this commitment through:

    A.    Employment of a Veterans Services Coordinator

    B.    Dissemination of Information Regarding Services to Veterans

    C.    Promotion of Veterans Services Office

    D.    Maintaining Compliance with Program Reporting Requirements

II.    Veterans Services Coordinator

The Coordinator of Veterans’ Services acts as an ombudsperson serving the specific needs of student veterans, active military personnel, and their families; serves as a one-stop shop.

    A.    Advises students on military educational benefits options to allow for training and advancement during active service periods.

        1.    Provides a guidebook to veterans, military personnel, and their families during personal orientation meetings

            a.    Checklist with a systematic process so they feel less overwhelmed when starting classes

            b.    Assists with benefits outside of the educational branch

        2.    Assist students with the application process for their Federal and State Veteran Educational benefits.

    B.    Follows updates to all regulations at the federal and state level as well as required reporting deadlines.

    C.    Monitors and maintains information regarding federal and State Veteran Educational benefits.

        1.    State Level

            a.    Illinois Veterans Grant

            b.    Illinois National Grant

            c.    MIA/POW Scholarship

            d.    State Tuition Assistance for Active Duty Service Members

        2.    Federal level

            a.    Post 9-11 GI Bill

            b.    Montgomery GI Bill

            c.    Selected Reserve Educational Assistance Program

            d.    Dependents Educational Assistance,

            e.    Federal Tuition Assistance for Active Duty Service Members

            f.    Military Spouse Career Advancement Account (My C.A.A.) for spouses for active military service members

    D.    Processes tuition and fee payments for the Post 9-11 GI Bill

        1.    Payments are applied to students’ accounts

        2.    Overpayments are sent directly back to the Department of Veteran Affairs to prevent a debt for student veteran

    E.    Coordinates residency and tuition support

        1.    Illinois In-District tuition and fee rates will be allowed for all military personnel and their dependents who are citizens of the United States, while stationed and present in the College District in connection with that service.

        2.    Military personnel who are subsequently assigned to temporary duty outside the College District shall continue to qualify as Illinois In-District for tuition and fee classification. In instances when military personnel are transferred to another location, this special arrangement to pay Illinois In- District rates shall terminate for the military personnel and their dependents at the end of the semester in which the student is enrolled.

        3.    In accordance with Illinois State University Law (110 ILCS 67/-20-135, PA 94-587, effective 8-15-05), students called to active military service, upon provision of military orders, shall be allowed to complete any unfinished courses at a later date at no additional charge, unless course credit has already been given or the student received a full refund upon withdrawing from the course. The student’s record shall reflect that withdrawal was due to active military service. The student must be given priority over other students in reenrolling in the course or courses.

    F.    Assists students in completing additional financial aid such as the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, scholarships, and student loans.

    G.    Provide academic advising so they are taking the classes aligned with career choice, which moves them towards graduation.

    H.    Promote veteran support services on campus

        1.    Employment opportunities through Veterans Affairs Work Study program

        2.    Career Services assistance with resume writing, mock interviews, and job searches within the College district

        3.    Tutoring, testing, academic monitoring, and academic workshops through the Academic Center for Excellence

        4.    Volunteer and support enrichment opportunities on and off campus through the Student Veteran’s Club

    I.    Collaborates with other departments promoting available programs and services

        1.    Coordinate with Disability Services and provide guidance on Service Animals

        2.    Coordinate with Public Relations and Marketing to promote awareness and military-affiliated events

        3.    Promote military friendly campus and recognition of that status

III.    Program Assessment

    A.    Conduct ongoing assessment of services and programs provided to veterans, active military personnel, and their families by completion of formal and informal student surveys, ongoing data collection, and participation in national recognition opportunities

    B.    Report survey findings

        1.    College homepage

        2.    Complete required reporting

            a.    Higher Learning Commission

            b.    Department of Veteran Affairs

            c.    Illinois Community College Board

    C.    Participation in national recognition opportunities

        1.    Best for Vets

        2.    Military Friendly Schools by Victory Media

IV.    Promote Veterans Services Office

    A.    Coordination with Office of Admissions, Registration, and Records and Academic Center for Excellence

        1.    Evaluate prior military credits.

            a.    Acceptance based on Academic Center for Excellence recommendations, DD214’s, military transcripts, and additional military training certification programs

        2.    Prior learning credit are also evaluated for credit.

    B.    Coordination with Department of Unemployment veteran representatives to provide a work skills course for state employment

    C.    Career and college fairs targeted toward veteran populations

    D.    Coordination with Illinois Department of Veteran Affairs as a recourse for non- educational benefits such as medical claims and home loans.

    E.    Partnership with Veterans Affairs Suicide Prevention Team providing student connection with trained professionals to assist with mental health issues.

    F.    Coordinator serves on the Student Wellness Intervention and Facilitation Team that responds to behavioral incidents and concerns, provides education and preventative intervention strategies on campus, and facilitates access to off campus resources.

    G.    Email communications to current and alumni veterans, active military personnel, and their families regarding upcoming events, deadlines, and general information.

    H.    Facebook page and social media utilization to communicate and promote Veteran Services through the Student Veterans Club Facebook page

V.    Program Reporting Requirements

    A.    Submit required documentation yearly to the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs State Approving Agency for continuation for facility and program approval at the state and federal level

    B.    Annually report to Illinois Student Assistance Commission

        1.    Award periods

        2.    Cost of attendance

Approval History:
March 26, 2018