Polices and Procedures

Board Bylaw:   
Policy Number:  5.2203
Subject Area:  Student Services 
Approved Date: 04 /29/2021
  1. Student Eligibility
    The reverse transfer of credit option is available to a student who is currently enrolled at a State university and has:
  • Transferred to the State university from or previously attended a community college;
  • Earned at least 15 credit hours of transferrable course work completed at a community college;
  • Earned a cumulative total of at least 60 credit hours for transferrable course work successfully completed at the student’s current or previously attended postsecondary institutions; and
  • Submitted a Reverse Transfer request to the State university at which the student is currently enrolled.
  1. Student Request
    A student who meets the eligibility criteria may request a reverse transfer credit from the State university to the community college previously attended.
    • The opportunity to opt-in may be made at enrollment or at any time thereafter while enrolled at the State university. The student shall provide the information required in the above section and authorize the release of his or her transcript information, pursuant with the State university procedures.
    • In the event that the student has earned credit hours at more than one community college or State university, the student shall:
      • Identify the community colleges and State university at which any credit hours have been earned; and
      • Authorize release of his or her transcript information from the community colleges and State universities to the community college identified for the purpose of earning an associate degree through a reverse transfer of credit.
  2. Institutional Responsibilities
    • Each State university and community college shall make available an opt-in process for the reverse transfer of credit;
    • Each State university shall notify students who meet the eligibility criteria. The notification shall include information about the State university’s process to reverse transfer of credit.
    • State universities and community colleges shall comply with the following process:
      • Information about reverse transfer of credit shall, at a minimum, be clearly identified on the institution’s website and printed in the course catalogs. This information shall also be made available on through the registrar’s office.
      • There is no fee associated conducting degree audits or processing graduation applications.
      • After receiving the student information, the community college shall review the information, and if the community college determines the student is has earned the credits required to receive an associate degree, may award the associate degree.
      • No later than 30 business days after receiving an application for reverse transfer of credit and all required transcripts, the college shall notify an applicant if he or she qualifies for an associate degree based on the total earned credits. The college shall send the same notification to the State university.
      • In the event that the college awards an associate degree, the college shall send an updated final student transcript to the State university.
  3. Community College Determination to Award Degree
    1. In awarding an associate degree, the college shall evaluate the applicant’s course work completed, along with the transfer credit earned, and shall determine whether the associate degree requirements have been met.
    2. Official transcripts will be required from the State university before the associate degree will post the credentials to the student’s record.

KC Implementation

  1. The state university or the student will put in a request with Kaskaskia College’s contact (Registrar) for a Reverse Transfer.
    1. The Registrar will verify that the student has a graduation application on file. If not, the Registrar will contact the student to get the required information submitted.
  2. Once the student’s request and transcripts have been submitted to the Registrar, the Registrar has 30 days to notify the student if he or she qualifies for an associate degree based on the total earned credits. The Registrar shall send the same notification to the state university.
  3. In the event that Kaskaskia College awards an associate degree, the college shall send a student transcript to the state university. The transcript will include the award of an associate degree.
    • When the degree is awarded, is based on when the student submits their request. Kaskaskia College will work with the student to get the degree posted during the first available term. At that time the degree will be posted and the diploma will be ordered.
    • The student will need to sign a release for transcripts to be released.

Approval History: April 29, 2021