Polices and Procedures

Board Bylaw:   
Policy Number:  6.0200
Subject Area:  Instruction 
Approved Date: 12 /18/2017

This policy provides guidance to administrators, faculty, students, and staff on copyright law. It will help to ensure that members of the Kaskaskia College community have the information needed to comply with copyright law and College policy.

It is the College’s Intent to comply with intellectual property, copyright, and fair use guidelines.  Because copyright compliance efforts protect the ideas and products that faculty, staff, administrators, and students create as well as outside materials which are used for academic purposes, the College shall make every effort to comply with the intellectual property, copyright, and fair use guidelines set forth in the Copyright Act of 1976 and its amendments, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and Technology Education and Copyright Harmonization Act, and any new acts or additional amendments related to copyright.  The College is also committed to providing education to its faculty, staff, administrators, and students on issues of copyright and fair use, and the possible penalties for noncompliance.

It is the responsibility of each member of the College community to obtain permission to use copyrighted materials and to maintain documentation as appropriate to ensure compliance with federal and state copyright law.

Replaces Copyright Policy IA-4
Approved December 18, 2017