Polices and Procedures

Board Bylaw:  1.9500
Policy Number:   
Subject Area:  Board of Trustees Bylaws 
Approved Date: 01 /11/2021

Mandated Trustee Training

There are two types of professional development training required of community college trustees.  Both are statutory requirements of the State of Illinois.

 Open Meetings Act Training

Pursuant to the Illinois Open Meetings Act (5 ILCS 120/1.05), Trustees are required to complete electronic Open Meetings Act (OMA) Training no later than the 90th day after taking their oath of office.  Training is only required to be completed one time and not repeated if re-elected for additional term(s).

OMA training is provided online by the Attorney General’s Office: http://foia.ilattorneygeneral.net/electronic_foia_training.aspx.Following OMA training, each Trustee is to print the associated certificate of completion (available on the webpage following successful OMA completion).This certificate is to be submitted to the Secretary of the Board of Trustees and is thereafter maintained in the Office of the President to serve as confirmation of completion.

 Professional Development Leadership Training

Pursuant to the Community College Trustees Leadership Training Act (Act 99-0692), every voting member of a Board of Trustees (appointed or elected) shall complete a minimum of 4 hours professional development leadership training during the first, third, and fifth year of his or her term of office.  All necessary Leadership Training shall be completed no later than April 1st, of a Trustee’s first, third, and fifth term year.

 Training topics shall include, but are not limited to:

  • open meetings law
  • community college and labor law
  • freedom of information law (FOIA)
  • contract law
  • ethics
  • sexual violence on campus
  • financial oversight and accountability
  • audits
  • fiduciary responsibilities of community college trustees

The President’s Office will notify Trustees of sanctioned training opportunities, which have been approved by ICCB and will meet this mandated requirement.If a Trustee completes approved training offered outside the College by a “qualified provider” (such as with ICCTA), that Trustee shall submit the documentation certifying training completion to the Secretary of the College Board within 45 days of training.When training is provided through the College, the Trustee has no additional reporting responsibility.

 Pursuant to the Community College Trustees Leadership Training Act (Act 99-0692), the College shall maintain on its website the training status of all Trustees.This information shall be updated at least bi-annually, as each Trustee successfully completes required training.Should a Trustee not satisfy all requirements of PA 99-0692, including but not limited to the minimum number of hours or use of a “qualified provider”, the secretary shall note non-compliance on the webpage, and notify the President of the College and all elected or appointed Trustees serving on the board.

 Approval History: Replaces Mandated Trustee Professional Development Training Procedure 1.98 approved July 24, 2017