Policies and Procedures

Board Bylaw:   
Policy Number:  5.3001
Subject Area:  Student Services 
Adopted: 01/01/0001
Revised: 12/07/2011
I.  A student may petition the Registrar for academic renewal by submitting a Request for Academic Renewal Form.

II.  The student and the Registrar or his/her designee will meet to discuss whether the student meets the requirements of the Academic Renewal Policy and if academic renewal is an appropriate course of action.

III.  If appropriate, and after the student has successfully completed at least 12 semester hours with a grade point average of at least 2.0, the director will recommend that recorded grades be removed from the student’s institutional grade point average calculation.

IV.  The courses removed from the student’s grade point average must remain on the student’s transcripts due to financial aid regulations but they will be marked with a symbol to indicate that they are no longer included in the student’s grade point average.

V.  A student who disagrees with the decision of the Registrar may appeal in writing to the Vice President of Student Services.

Approval History:
October 19, 2020
January 27, 2011
November 21, 2002