Policies and Procedures

Board Bylaw:   
Policy Number:  2.6001
Subject Area:  General College Policies/Administration 
Adopted: 01/17/2002
Revised: 01/17/2002

The following procedures apply to any College property that has been inventoried and to which a College identification tag has been affixed.

Use of Equipment by Outside Organizations

All requests for outside organizations to use College property should be forwarded to the Office of the Vice President of Administrative Services.

The Vice President for Administrative Services will consult with the appropriate departments in determining whether the request will be honored, and will notify the outside organization.  Where appropriate, the outside organization will be required to complete a written agreement outlining the terms of the use of the equipment.

Disposal of College Property

When College departments determine that College property is obsolete, broken, or is no longer needed for departmental purposes, the immediate supervisor of the area should compile a list of such equipment and forward it to the appropriate Dean and Vice President for approval.  The list should include the identification number, a short description of the property and the current physical location of the property.

After the Dean and Vice President have approved the list of property, notification should be made to the rest of the campus that the property is available for other departments’ use.

If the property is not claimed by other College personnel, a list of the remaining equipment should be forwarded to the Vice President of Administrative Services.  The Vice President, along with other appropriate personnel will determine the appropriate disposition of such property and make necessary adjustments to the inventory.

The Vice President of Administrative Services will prepare a Board of Trustees resolution declaring the property “no longer needed for College purposes” and outlining the method of sale or disposal. Once such a resolution is passed by the Board of Trustees, the Vice President’s office will make appropriate arrangements for the property to be destroyed or sold or distributed to other organizations either by auction, lottery, or other fair manner.

Approval History:

Replaces Use and Disposal of College Property Procedure 6.3, Approved January 17, 2002