Polices and Procedures

Board Bylaw:   
Policy Number:  4.3041
Subject Area:  Personnel 
Approved Date: 11 /15/2007

Kaskaskia College recognizes the unique and valuable skills, experience and teaching contributions former employees of the College make in the Adjunct teaching process.  In order to recognize these individuals for their valuable contributions to the educational program, pay will be awarded to former College employees who left the College in good standing after at least twelve (12) years of employment with the College, and who serve as Adjunct faculty members, pursuant to established procedures.

This policy is not applicable to former College employees who are teaching as adjunct faculty members in Adult Education, non-credit community education and continuing education courses, and credit and non-credit business and industry courses.  Former College employees who teach as Adjunct faculty members in those areas will be paid according to departmental guidelines.

This policy and accompanying procedures and pay schedule are effective beginning with the Fall 2007 semester and no retroactive payments will be made.

Approval History:  Replacement for Adjunct Faculty Pay for Former Employees of Kaskaskia College    Approved  11/15/07