Polices and Procedures

Board Bylaw:   
Policy Number:  2.0000
Subject Area:  General College Policies/Administration 
Approved Date: 01 /11/2021

When a need is identified for a new or revised policy and/or procedure, the Vice President (VP) or their designee in the appropriate area will serve as the coordinator of the effort.  The following steps are to guide the process.  A checklist outlining steps for policy and procedure submissions follows this procedure.

A coordinating policy owner (Administration level) will be assigned for each policy and it is the policy owner’s responsibility to establish a development/revision team consisting of individuals who are experienced and/or knowledgeable regarding the subject area under review, along with individuals who have an interest, or work responsibility associated with the subject area.

After the initial meeting of the development/revision team, the policy owner will send a notification to the President’s Office.  Said notification is to include a summary of the new or revised policy/procedure under review, team members involved, and a tentative time frame identifying the review process to include submission to the Board of Trustees for First and Final readings. Recommendation will be made and discussion held to determine if legal review will be required prior to presentation to the Board for First Reading.

Once the team prepares a First Reading draft following the standard policy and procedure guidelines (see formatting guidelines at the end of this procedure), it will be submitted to President’s Cabinet, via the President’s Office, for review and discussion.

After any needed changes are made, the policy owner will send a First Reading of the policy and/or procedure campus wide via email for feedback from employees.  Email directions will include the deadline for feedback submission.  Completed feedback will be provided to the development/revision team.

The policy owner then shares all campus wide feedback with the President’s Cabinet for consideration and completes any necessary revisions. The recommended policy is then updated with necessary changes.  The compilation of the policy will then be presented to the President for inclusion on the next available Board agenda for First Reading.

To support Board understanding of policy implementation process, the coordinating policy owner will have the associated procedure in their possession at the relevant Board meetings to answer any questions or points of clarification that might arise but the procedures will not need to be presented to the Board for approval.

Any feedback from the Board will be addressed and the policy will again be compiled to be presented to the President’s Cabinet and Board the following month for approval as a Final Reading.

Boards approved final readings will be updated to the electronic policy and procedure manual  by Human Resources and a campus wide email will be sent to notify employees of the update/change within 10 business days of that Board meeting.

Policies  are recommended to be reviewed every five years.  Policies that are required by federal, state, or local compliance regulations to be reviewed/revised more frequently and should undergo annual review.

Changes or updates to procedures shall be presented to President’s Cabinet for approval, in either electronic or hard copy format, and upon approval.  Changes will be updated in the electronic policy and procedure manual and disseminated via campus wide email by the  Human Resources Office within 10 business days of President Cabinet approval.

All policies and procedures will follow a standardized format and must meet American’s with Disabilities Act compliance formatting.  The first page of each policy or procedure will begin with a standardized grid.  A template will be available on the myKC web site.  Additionally, all associated documents will utilize the following formatting expectations:

  • Arial font size 12 or 11 (see template)
  • Left margin alignment, 1” margins
  • Single spaced text, double space between paragraphs
  • Two spaces after periods and Oxford comma is required
  • Approved personal pronoun format is he/she
  • When referring to Kaskaskia College specifically, capitalization of the word College is appropriate. 
  • Drafter’s initials and date of routing will be provided in the footer of each draft
  • First Reading and Final Reading watermarks will be applied prior to submission to Board.
  • Policies will not utilize a numbering system within the document
  • Procedures may include numbering in the following format:
    • I.
    • A.
    • 1.

Each policy and procedure will be submitted in two separate documents, as only the policy will be presented to the Board.

Approval History:  Replaces New and Revised Policies and Procedures Procedure 6.12 approved December 14, 2015, and August 28, 2017