Polices and Procedures

Board Bylaw:   
Policy Number:  5.8001
Subject Area:  Student Services 
Approved Date:  11/25/2019

This procedure includes processes for implementing Board of Trustees, Activity and Adult Education scholarships in a consistent and reasonable manner.  The procedure serves in combination with the Institutional Scholarship manual. 

Board of Trustee Scholarships 

This scholarship shall be for four (4) semesters and one (1) summer of continuous study beginning the fall semester after graduation from high school, unless special permission is otherwise granted.  The academic award will be made to each in-district high school for the two students with the highest GPA in the graduating class or to the next highest ranking in-district high school student(s) who attends KC.  In the event of a tie, both students will be awarded a waiver. The highest-ranking student shall be in the upper 25% of their graduating class.  An annual total of 34 (unless there is a tie and then this total will be adjusted accordingly) waivers could be awarded if Woodlawn High School students living in the KC College district attend KC and are eligible recipients.

Students awarded the Board of Trustees scholarship waiver will receive tuition and mandatory fees up to 18 hours per student each fall and spring semester and 6 hours each summer.  Students are required to pay course fees and online fees.

Students awarded the Board of Trustees scholarship are required to complete leadership course work and serve as an intern or community volunteer throughout the semesters they are utilizing the scholarship.

Activity Waivers

Activity waivers are awarded up to four (4) semesters and one (1) summer of continuous study.  Waivers may be awarded for activities including Instrumental Music, Vocal Music, Theater, Collegiate FFA, Dairy Judging and Students in Recruitment (Athletic waivers described below). 

Notwithstanding the activity areas listed above, the Administration reserves the right to restrict the number of waivers for any given activity on a semester-by-semester basis.  The Administration also reserves the right to provide waivers for new activities that may be added. Such waivers would be awarded in a manner consistent with the activity waivers that are in place at the time this policy is approved.  

Guidelines for use of waivers per activity will be established by a campus-wide scholarship committee, which will be coordinated by the Vice President of Student Services.  Such guidelines will address application process, participation requirements, and activity-specific rules for securing and maintaining waivers.

Summary of Current Student Activities Waivers

18 waivers for eligible Instrumental Music students

9 waivers for eligible Vocal Music students

9 waivers for eligible Theater students

4 awards for winning first and 4 awards for second place in competitions of Collegiate FFA

8 waivers for eligible Dairy Judging students

5 waivers for eligible Students in Recruitment students

Athletic Waivers

Athletic waivers for NJCAA sanctioned teams shall be for up to four (4) semesters and one (1) summer of continuous study. Waivers may be awarded as follows: 

21.6 waivers for eligible Men’s Baseball students

13.5 waivers for eligible Men’s Basketball students

13.5 waivers for eligible Women’s Basketball students

6 waivers for eligible Cheerleading students

7.2 waivers for eligible Men’s Cross Country students

7.2 waivers for eligible Women’s Cross Country students

16.2 waivers for eligible Women’s Soccer students

18 waivers for eligible Women’s Softball students

7.2 waivers for eligible Men’s Tennis students

7.2 waivers for eligible Women’s Tennis students

12.6 waivers for eligible Women’s Volleyball students 

Housing Scholarships 

To position the College’s Division 1 teams competitively in our region, housing scholarships are provided to student athletes at the following level:

8 scholarships for eligible Men’s Basketball students

8 scholarships for eligible Women’s Basketball students

10 scholarships for eligible Men’s Baseball students

6 scholarships for eligible Women’s Volleyball students

8 scholarships for eligible Women’s Softball students

Adult Education Scholarships

A waiver equaling 24 credit hours will be provided to students who successfully complete their high school equivalency exam after at least 45 hours of coursework through the Kaskaskia College Adult Education Division.  Guidelines will include GPA requirements, limitations of length of time prior to scholarship utilization and activity requirements.

Student Recruitment and Presidential Waivers

Other waivers of tuition may be established to promote student recruitment.  This includes high school academic and/or program specific competitions held in the district or on the College campus.  Examples of the waivers include but are not limited to Future Farmers of America (FFA) competition winners, county fair queens, ROTC students, volunteer firefighters, WYSE competition winners, and junior high school science fair winners.

 Collegiate FFA waivers are provided to the winners of four competitions.  First place finishers are awarded 18 credit hours and 2nd place winners are provided 6 credit hour waivers.

Presidential waivers may be awarded at the discretion of Administration and on a case-by-case basis to assist students in their educational endeavors.

Staff and Dependent Tuition Waiver

A tuition waiver for full time and 30-hour employees is a benefit of employment at the College and are provided according to the policy covering employee and dependent tuition waivers. 

Application Process for Institutional Scholarships

All students wishing to receive an Institutional Scholarship of any kind must submit an application through the online scholarship portal found at https://kaskaskia.smapply.io.  Students will use this portal to initially apply for their desired scholarship and if they are chosen as a recipient, they use the same portal to provide additional documentation and complete required forms prior to the placement of the scholarship on their student account.  This portal is also used by college staff to manage the scholarship process from initial offer of a scholarship to a student all the way through the posting of the award on the student’s financial account. 

Verification for Scholarship and Waivers 

Only worthy students who fulfill the requirements and expectations of waiver sponsors and/or coaches may be recipients of the above awards.  Each sponsor or coach along with the Vice President of Student Services shall monitor scholarship pertaining to his/her area of responsibility at the end of each semester.  Based on such reviews, the College has the absolute discretion to remove a scholarship and/or waiver from a student who does not meet the requirements or expectations for receiving the award.  Unused portions of a scholarship may be awarded to another student.

The College reserves the right to reduce or increase the number of scholarships and/or waivers proved on a year-by-year basis.