Polices and Procedures

Board Bylaw:   
Policy Number:  5.1005
Subject Area:  Student Services 
Approved Date: 07 /24/2017

This procedure outlines the specific rights of students, how these rights are protected, and the specific responsibilities required of students as members of the College community. ¶

I.    Freedom of Speech

      A.    As an institution of higher learning devoted to the search for truth in a democratic society, Kaskaskia College is dedicated to the maintenance and expression of a spirit of free inquiry.  For its students, accordingly, it promotes the development of an atmosphere of open exchange and of conditions conducive to critical evaluation of divergent points of view.  As a result, all students shall have the right to address members of the student body in such a fashion that does not materially and substantially disrupt the operation of the College.

      B.    This policy does not apply to those speakers who are brought on campus as part of the in-class or instruction-related programs, even if open to the public.  It is expected that off-campus speakers will contribute to the exploration of new ideas and become an integral part of the education process at KC.

      C.    Therefore, any student, faculty member, or administrator may invite a speaker to be heard on the campus of the College, subject to restraints imposed by federal, state, and/or municipal constitutions and statutes; as well as the rules and regulations of the College provided the following circumstances exist.

              1.    The person or group inviting the speaker has submitted the Request Form to the Student Engagement Specialist at least one week before the date of the scheduled meeting.

              2.    Suitable facilities are available.

              3.    An opportunity is provided at the end of the speaker’s presentation for discussion, and if desired, opposition to the views of the speaker.

              4.    Requests by persons to speak on the campus shall be made to the Student Engagement Specialist responsible for Student Life and shall be subject to the above regulations.

              5.    Questions concerning any speaker’s application shall be referred to the Vice President of Student Services, who in conjunction with the President, shall determine any action deemed necessary to preserve:

      D.    The right of the audience to hear speakers

      E.    The freedom of the speaker to express whatever view he/she holds

      F.    The right of the institution and community to offer meaningful discussion and/or rebuttal

      G.    The Student Engagement Specialist will serve as the spokesperson for the College in relationships with speakers and their representatives.  Additionally, it is understood that the trustees, administration, faculty, and/or students do not necessarily endorse the views of any speaker.

II.    Rights of Assembly

Kaskaskia College will preserve the rights of its students to assemble but will not permit this assembly to, materially and substantially, disrupt any operation of the College.  Non-students who participate in any assembly in violation of this section shall be subject to prosecution under the State Criminal Trespass Law and/or any other civil or criminal remedies available to the College.

III.    Redress of Grievances

In addition to the opportunities for effecting change through participation in student government and institutional committees, a student shall have the right to address situations of concern through the formal complaint process.  While every effort shall be made by the student to resolve situations of concern informally, the formal complaint process shall begin with the person or persons designated in the line of responsibility for their particular concern.  Completion and submission of a Complaint Information Form to the Kaskaskia College Complaint Officer initiates the formal complaint process.  A Student shall maintain the right of appeal to the appropriate Vice President, and the President.  The decision of the President is final.

IV.    Distribution of Materials on Campus

Distribution of material on campus by non-college-related persons is prohibited. Additionally, distrib

ution of printed material for purely commercial purposes or material that is inconsistent with the preservation of the educational environment is prohibited.  The Office of the Vice President of Student Services shall have responsibility for this determination.  Distribution on campus of printed material by students or student groups shall be permitted subject to the following:

      H.    Materials for posting shall be stamped in the Vice President of Student Services Office to indicate how long they are to be displayed.

      I.    Materials must bear identification as to publishing agency and distributing organization or individual.

      J.    Distribution of material shall be in such a manner as to not materially or substantially disrupt the operation of the College.

      K.    Materials for posting shall be posted in designated areas.

      L.    The distributing agency, group, or individual is responsible for the condition, removal, or       resultant litter of distributed materials.

      M.    Approval to distribute materials regulated in this section shall not be construed as approval of content by the College or by the Board of Trustees.

V.    Student Clubs and Organizations

Members of the Kaskaskia College Clubs and Organizations have inherent rights and responsibilities as members of the College community.  Student Club and Organization Constitutions shall delineate these rights and responsibilities including a procedure of due process that aligns with the College.  Student Club and Organization constitutions are available in the Student Engagement Office (HB105).

VI.    Students Right to Know

As members of Kaskaskia College community, students are entitled to certain rights and provisions, including a quality education and quality services.  In addition, students have the right to know the following:

      A.    College admission requirements

      B.    Degrees and certificates offered

      C.    Types of career and personal development resources available

      D.    When classes are offered

      E.    Course requirements

      F.    Textbook information and availability posted on the College webpage

      G.    Class attendance and participation policies and procedures

      H.    Grading policies and procedures

      I.    Cost of attendance

      J.    Financial aid available

      K.    Calculation of financial aid awards process

      L.    When financial aid is awarded

      M.    College and financial aid satisfactory academic progress requirements and their implications

      N.    College refund policy

      O.    College policies and procedures

      P.    Academic and other support services available

      Q.    Student activities available

      R.    Campus crime statistics

      S.    Graduation rates

      T.    Graduation requirements

      U.    Job placement rates

      V.    Emergency procedures

      W.    Building hours

      X.    College operational hours

      Y.    Process for inspecting academic records

      Z.    Process for establishing confidentiality of academic records

      AA.    Process for suppressing personal directory information

      BB.    Process for filing a grievance

VII.    Statement of Student Responsibilities

Listed below are responsibilities that students accept through membership in the College’s learning community.  Each student should approach academic endeavors, relationships, and general personal responsibility with a strong commitment to Kaskaskia College’s Core Values of respect, responsibility, honesty, compassion, and fairness.  Additionally, as members of the Kaskaskia College learning community, students have a responsibility to:

      A.    Read the College Catalog and Student Handbook

      B.    Become knowledgeable about College policies and procedures including but not limited to:

              1.    Acceptable Use of Kaskaskia College Technology Resources Policy #4.65

              2.    Student Code of Conduct Policy #5.52

      C.    Abide by College policies and procedures

      D.    Be aware of academic and graduation requirements

      E.    Provide accurate information on College forms

      F.    Meet financial obligations to the College

      G.    Attend classes punctually

      H.    Complete assignments and exams following course syllabus information

      I.    Participate in class

      J.    Fulfill their academic responsibilities in an honest and forthright manner

      K.    Seek assistance from faculty and support staff when needed

      L.    See out answers to questions

      M.    Meet published deadlines

      N.    Notify College officials if a condition exists which is in violation of a student’s rights, College policies, rules, standards, and/or procedures

      O.    Join groups and seek out individuals that will assist in goal attainment

      P.    Abide by state and federal laws

      Q.    Protect, support and contribute to a safe environment within the learning community

      R.    Show regard for the property of the College, its community members and visitors

Approval History:

July 24, 2017

March 1, 2010