Polices and Procedures

Board Bylaw:   
Policy Number:  4.3106
Subject Area:  Personnel 
Approved Date: 07 /01/2005

Vacations for non-grant-funded College employees will be provided as described below, unless otherwise stated in current applicable collective bargaining agreements or other contractual agreements.

Professional/Managerial and Executive/Managerial employees who are employed on a twelve-month basis shall earn 1.833 days per month to a maximum of 22 days per fiscal year.  Employees in the above classifications who are employed on less than a twelve-month basis, and who are eligible, will earn vacation at a rate of 1.833 days per month for the months worked or prorated in accordance with assigned work schedules. 

Each fiscal year, employees in the above classifications who earn twenty-two (22) days of vacation must use a minimum of ten (10) days of accumulated vacation during the fiscal year. 

Members of the college support staff employed on a twelve-month basis shall earn vacation time at the rate of one (1) day each month.  Each year thereafter, beginning on July 1, support staff vacation earned shall be increased by one (1) day per year (a rate of .0833 days per month) to a maximum of twenty-two (22) work days.  Part-time support employees regularly working 30 hours or more each week, who are eligible, shall earn vacation on a pro-rata basis at 80% of a full-time employee. 

Each fiscal year, support staff who earn at least ten (10) days of vacation must use a minimum of five (5) days accumulated vacation during the fiscal year. 

While employees are encouraged to use vacation time whenever possible, vacations must be planned to fit in with the flow of work and must be approved by the employee's supervisor, in advance, except in case of emergency.  Employees should submit vacation requests on official leave forms, which will be provided by the Human Resources office.

Unused vacation days up to a maximum of sixty (60) days may be carried forward from one fiscal year to the next.  However, employees who have exceeded the maximum of sixty (60) days as of June 30, 1996, will carry the maximum they have accrued as of that date.  As of June 30th, of each year, if the maximum vacation leave accrual has been accumulated, up to 12 days of unused vacation leave earned during the current fiscal year will be converted to sick days.  Requests for additional days of vacation or leave (without pay) beyond those allowed must be made in writing to the appropriate supervising administrator and such request shall not be taken without the approval of the College President.

An employee leaving the employment of the college will receive a lump sum cash payment for unused vacation days, up to the maximum accrual as described above. No payment will be made for accumulated leave beyond the employee’s maximum accrual as described above. 

During the last year of employment with the college prior to retirement under the State Universities Retirement System, an employee may choose to receive a lump sum Cash payment for those unused vacation days (up to 60 days) or may choose to have up to 60 days of vacation pay distributed in equal payments, at regular pay dates, from the time the retirement is tendered and accepted until the employee's beginning retirement date, in lieu of taking a lump sum payment for any unused vacation days.

Any lump sum cash payments shall be calculated on the basis of 1/240th of the employee's current annual salary for each day of unused vacation.

Approval History: Replacement for Vacation Leave for Non-Grant-funded Employees           Approved 7/1/2005