Polices and Procedures

Board By Law:  1.9700
Policy Number:   
Subject Area:  Board of Trustees By Laws 
Approved Date:  09/27/2017

In order to recognize employees, students, and campus organizations who have provided exemplary service to the College or the community, the Board of Trustees hereby establishes the Award of Excellence program.  Nominations for such awards shall be made by any Trustee or presented to the Board of Trustees by the College Administration and can be brought forward at any time.   For those nominations approved by the Board of Trustees, awards shall be presented at monthly Board meetings as scheduled.

The criteria for the Award of Excellence include the following:

  1. Exemplary Performance
  2. Kindness, Good Deeds, and Gestures
  3. Community Service

The College Administration shall be responsible for developing a nomination and approval form and a recognition certificate for use by the Board of Trustees in implementing this award.

Approval History:  Replaces Award of Excellence 1.97 Approved September 25, 2017