Policies and Procedures

Board Bylaw:   
Policy Number:  2.4002
Subject Area:  General College Policies/Administration 
Adopted: 03/23/2015
Revised: 03/23/2015



HR notifies the Information Technology Department of a newly hired employee and provides all pertinent information including “Employee Start Date”.  The IT Department creates a login account to technology systems and establishes security access according to the employee’s position.  In addition, a unique email address containing the employee’s first initial, last name @kaskaskia.edu (jsmith@kaskaskia.edu) is created and added to the applicable email distribution lists such as KcFaculty, KcStaff, and other relevant departmental lists.  In the case of a duplicate name, a number is appended to the last name (jsmith1@kaskaskia.edu).


Kaskaskia College uses Microsoft Live@edu to provide students with email service.  Once the student’s application information is entered into Datatel Colleague, the student’s email account on Live@edu is created.  The email address consists of the student first initial, last name @students.kaskaskia.edu (bwilson@students.kaskaskia.edu).   Using Communication Management, a letter is automatically generated and mailed to the student regarding access to Student Technology Resources including email services.



  • HR notifies the Information Technology Department of the termination of a College employee and provides information including “Last Day” of employment.  At the end of the last day of employment the IT Department disables all system accounts including access to email.  Two copies of exported mailbox content are archived.  One copy is given to the supervisor; the other is stored in the vault for a period of one year, and then destroyed.
  • Special circumstances - If the terminated employee is known to communicate with outside agencies on a frequent basis to conduct College business, the following process is put in place for a period of 30 days in order to transition outside communication.
  • The password to the email account is changed to eliminate user access.
  • Incoming emails are forwarded to an appropriate employee (i.e. supervisor, position replacement).
  • An “Out of Office” auto-reply is set up on the account containing new KC contact information for College-related communication.
  • After the 30 days, the normal termination process as described above is completed.


It is recognized that students may not complete their academic goals during sequential semesters.  Therefore, using reasonable system security measures, student access to technology resources remain active until the student has not registered for two (2) consecutive semester terms.  Student system accounts and email accounts are terminated at this time, but can be recreated upon the student’s return to the College.

Approval History:

Replaces Email Procedure 4.66 Approved March 23, 2015