Policies and Procedures

Board Bylaw:   
Policy Number:  4.3100
Subject Area:  Personnel 
Adopted: 12/18/2023
Revised: 12/18/2023

Kaskaskia College provides paid sick leave to eligible employees who may need time away from work due to illness, injury, medical appointments or to attend to health needs that cannot be addressed during non-working hours. The language in this policy includes all eligible full-time and eligible part-time employees with the exception of specific leave language incuded in collective bargaining agreements.

Use of Sick Leave to Attend to a Family Member

An employee may use personal sick leave benefits for absences due to an illness, injury, or medical appointment of the employee’s immediate family or for medical care of an immediate family member, for reasonable periods of time as the employee’s attendance may be necessary, on the same terms upon which the employee is able to use sick leave benefits for the employee’s own illness or injury. Immediate family is defined in the Sick Leave Procedure.

Retaliation Prohibited

Kaskaskia College strictly prohibits retaliation against an employee for exercising his or her right to use sick leave benefits in accordance with this policy.

Family Medical and Leave Act (FMLA)

Refer to FMLA Policy 4.3110 for further information regarding FMLA leave.

Approved 12/18/23