Policies and Procedures

Board Bylaw:   
Policy Number:  4.8000
Subject Area:  Personnel 
Adopted: 04/22/2013
Revised: 02/23/2022

Awards recognition requiring candidate selection shall be based upon an open nomination process. The Awards Committee shall be overseen by the Marketing and Public Information Department and will be comprised of equal members of each Kaskaskia College division (Executive Services, Instructional Services, Student Services, and Administrative Services). Each division leader will select two members from their division to serve two-year teams. The College President and the Director of Marketing shall serve as ex-officios. The ninth member of the committee shall be a KC student in a leadership position (KC Student Trustee or President of Student Congress) or KC student from one of the following groups: Board of Trustees Scholars or Kaskaskia College Student Ambassadors.

For awards/scholarships/contests that require student submissions, the Instructional Services awards committee members shall appoint two faculty members to receive student submissions.

The awards committee shall review applicants and select based on established criteria and guidelines for each award and ensure that all qualified candidates are considered equally and fairly. The committee shall publish these criteria and guidelines each year when nominations are being requested.

In addition to specific recognition programs identified below, the College and Board of Trustees may formally recognize individuals or groups for special accomplishments. Such recognition shall be handled in a manner consistent with the specific awards listed. Awards shall be presented annually in a recognition reception to be determined by college leadership. In the event a reception is not held, awards will be distributed and presented by college leadership.

The college may submit nominations for state wide awards in collaboration with the Illinois Community College Trustees Association (ICCTA). 

The College has three categories of awards: ICCTA Awards, ICCTA Awards that are also awarded internally at Kaskaskia College, and internal Kaskaskia College Awards

ICCTA Awards (Criteria for these awards is established by ICCTA): 

Gigi Campbell Student Trustee Excellence

Gary W. Davis Ethical Leadership

Equity and Diversity Award

Gregg Chadwick Student Service Scholarship

Professional Board Staff Member Award 

Ray Hartstein Trustee Achievement Award

ICCTA Awards that are also awarded internally at Kaskaskia College (Criteria for these awards is established by the ICCTA):

Distinguished Alumnus Award

Pacesetter Award

Business and Industry Partnership Award

Gandhi/King Peace Scholarship

Paul Simon Student Essay Contest

Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Member Award

Outstanding Full-Time Faculty Member Award

Lifelong Learning Award

Internal Kaskaskia College Awards

Honorary Associate Degree

High School and Dual Credit Faculty Award

Horizon Faculty of the Year Award

Assessment Award

Distinguished Service Award

Educational Partnership Award

Full-Time Employee of the Year

Part-Time Employee of the Year

Innovation Impact Award

Synergy Award (formally Kaskaskia College Teamwork Award) 

President’s High Five Award*

Teachers and Coaches Entrepreneurship Program (TCEP) Entrepreneur of the Year Award*

The President’s High Five Award shall be awarded at the discretion of the college president.


Nominees for the “Entrepreneur of the Year Award” will be selected by the awards committee, plus consulting with the Kaskaskia College Board of Trustees and Foundation Board of Directors.   


Years of Service Awards are presented yearly through the President’s Office to those employees who have been employed at the College for 5 years and in 5-year increments thereafter. Official employment records are kept by Human Resources and the President’s Office. Awards are presented at an all employee recognition reception determined by the President’s Office each year. In the event a reception is not held, awards will be distributed and presented by college leadership.

Permanent employment of 30 hours per week or more qualifies an employee for consideration of a Years of Service Award. Temporary, seasonal, adjunct faculty or regular part time employment of less than 30 hours per week do not qualify. If an employee leaves employment and returns, actual time employed will be calculated. The period of time between leaving and returning will not be counted.

The deadline for calculation of awards is December 31 of each year.  If an employee began employment prior to December 31 and is eligible for the award (in 5-year increments), it will be presented at the subsequent award ceremony. If employment begins after December 31, the award will be presented the following year.

Approval History: Replaces Award Recognition Procedure 2.8 approved July 22, 2013 and November 5, 2019; and Award of Excellence by Law 1.9700 approved September 27, 2017. Revision approved 02/23/22.