Policies and Procedures

Board Bylaw:   
Policy Number:  6.0700
Subject Area:  Instruction 
Adopted: 12/20/2007
Revised: 12/20/2007

Generally, Independent Study may not be used to substitute for specific program requirements or core requirements.  Students may earn a maximum of 25% of the total credit hours toward a degree or certificate through Independent Study.

Normally, independent study is restricted to sophomore students who are in “academic good standing” with the college.  Additionally, no more than one independent study may be taken by a student at one time.

If a student is given permission to complete an Independent Study for a developmental English, reading, or math course, the student will be expected to meet with the instructor face-to-face for a minimum of half of the regularly scheduled class meeting time.

The Request for Independent Study form must contain the beginning and ending dates of the course; reason for the independent study request; course syllabus, method of instruction; and signatures of student, instructor, and Dean.  The request form must be accompanied by a current college transcript documenting total credit hours and GPA.  The student may retrieve his/her transcript online via the Kaskaskia College website.

Upon completion of the course, the instructor is required to certify in writing that all student learning outcomes have been met for the course.  This shall be verified with the submission of a final grade.  Exceptions to the above procedures may be made where circumstances warrant and when approved by the appropriate Dean and/or Vice President of Instructional Services.

Replaces Independent Study Procedure 3.7P
Approved December 20, 2007; December 3, 2019