Polices and Procedures

Board Bylaw:   
Policy Number:  2.4001
Subject Area:  General College Policies/Administration 
Approved Date: 11 /28/2016

Kaskaskia College utilizes surveys as tools for assessment and improvement of programs and services, and to solicit input from various stakeholder groups.  For purposes of this policy, a survey is defined as an organized attempt to collect facts or opinions from a designated population of individuals or groups for the purpose of using those facts or opinions in the process of making institutional decisions or for submission to external parties.  Surveys do not include quizzes, examinations, or other questionnaires that are used for academic purposes.  If it is unclear as to whether a survey, pursuant to this policy, is being conducted, the Office of Institutional Effectiveness should be consulted.

All surveys conducted by or on the behalf of Kaskaskia College must be approved by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness prior to their administration, and the results of all surveys must be delivered to the Office of Institutional Effectiveness after all responses are collected and the surveys are closed.

In an effort to formalize and standardize the process of data collection through the use of surveys, the Office of Institutional Effectiveness will ensure that:

  • Institutional surveys are designed and conducted in such a way that they meet the requirements for which they were intended.
  • Surveys are methodologically sound and of good quality.
  • Redundant or duplicative data and surveys are eliminated.
  • The College is in compliance with institutional archival processes.
  • A central repository of information on all surveys including timing and audience is maintained with thorough and accessible records of survey tools and findings.
  • Survey results are distributed and used in an appropriate manner.

All departments seeking to conduct a survey will be required to submit a Survey Data Collection Form to the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and upon approval, all surveys shall be conducted according to established procedures of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.

Approval History:

Replaces Surveys Policy 6.11, Approved November 28, 2016