Polices and Procedures

Board Bylaw:   
Policy Number:  6.0601
Subject Area:  Instruction 
Approved Date: 07 /23/2018

Kaskaskia College faculty members have the responsibility of assigning appropriate grades for the courses they instruct.  All faculty will establish standards of performance in their courses and provide students with a course syllabus outlining the evaluation criteria for a course at the beginning of each semester.  The College will not review the judgment of a faculty member in assessing the quality of students’ work.  However, in certain cases, where a student believes that a faculty member improperly assigned a semester grade due to one or more of the Grounds for Grade Appeal, as described in the Grade Appeals Procedures, the student has the right to appeal that grade by following the procedures outlined.

The College is committed to ensuring that student grade appeals are handled fairly, effectively and in a timely manner.  Therefore, grade appeals shall be handled in accordance with established procedures, which accompany this policy.  Such procedures shall be included in the College Catalog and the Student Handbook.  Students who wish to appeal a grade, and who have already addressed the grade with the appropriate faculty member, are required to use the established procedures, which accompany this policy.  For complaints concerning claims of harassment or other non-grade appeal issues, separate procedures have been established and published in the College Catalog and Student Handbook for resolving these complaints.

Replaces Grade Appeals Policy IA-15; 5.92
Approved July 23, 2018