Polices and Procedures

Board Bylaw:   
Policy Number:  2.6003
Subject Area:  General College Policies/Administration 
Approved Date: 05 /19/2004

Outside not-for-profit organizations, such as civic and fraternal organizations, other educational, local government, and outside profit-making organizations are encouraged to utilize College facilities for community and/or public service activities.  The College may also co-sponsor events or activities with various organizations (public and private). For those organizations to which a usage fee is to be charged, such charge shall be in accordance with the established fee schedule. 

Upon compliance with administrative guidelines governing the use of College facilities and assurance that no conflict with scheduled College activities exists, qualified outside organizations may utilize the College facilities.  The College has the right to assert priority use over outside organizations when College facilities must be used for College activities.  Outside organizations that require catering services must use the Kaskaskia College Catering Department unless the department is unable to provide catering services for the event, unless approved otherwise by the College.  Qualified outside organizations will make payment to Kaskaskia College in accordance with the following schedule when utilizing College facilities:


Non-Profit Rate

Profit Rate







 Student Center



Auditorium/ Student Center



Classroom/Meeting Room



Lifelong Learning Center



The above rates are on a “per date basis” and include rental, utility costs, and labor costs incurred by the College for set up, preparation, and clean up after the event.

If expanded media services are needed, there will be an additional charge of $25 per hour.  For events outside of normal operating hours, there will be a 3-hour minimum required.

Security services must be used for all events outside of normal operating hours at an additional charge of $25 per hour.  There is a 3-hour minimum for this required charge. 

For situations not covered above, the College has the discretion to determine what charges, if any, will apply.

Any damage to College facilities resulting from such activities shall be the responsibility of the outside organizations.  Further, the outside organization using the College facilities will agree to indemnify and hold harmless the College for any amounts the College should be liable to pay for personal injury or property damage arising out of the use of College facilities by the outside organization, any of its members, or guests.

An outside organization shall be required to demonstrate that it has adequate insurance coverage prior to its use of the College facilities.  Outside organizations shall not state or imply College endorsement of the organization’s purpose, program or philosophy simply because the organization is using College facilities.  Kaskaskia College has the right to refuse facility usage to any group for any reason.

Approval History:

Replaces Use of College Facilities By Outside Organizations Policy 4.55 approved July 18, 1991 and May 19, 2014