Polices and Procedures

Board Bylaw:   
Policy Number:  2.5000
Subject Area:  General College Policies/Administration 
Approved Date: 03 /22/2021

In order to standardize the use and to ensure quality and consistency in representation of the Kaskaskia College name, seal, and logo (as listed below), they may only be used in accordance with applicable College procedures and with appropriate administrative approval. This policy applies to all institutional stationery including letterhead and business cards, all media including, but not limited to, print materials, radio, television, video, motion pictures, and all forms of electronic media including the college website and social media platforms.

  • College Name: Kaskaskia College
  • Abbreviation “KC”

“Kaskaskia College is the official name.  It should be used as such on all official documents.  It is permissible to use the name “Kaskaskia College” on all printed materials.  If repeating the name multiple times in a single piece of communication, “Kaskaskia College’ must be used in the first instance and “KC” may be used in subsequent mentions to conserve space.

College Seal:         Official seal of Kaskaskia College

The Kaskaskia College seal is reserved for use on formal documents such as diplomas, transcripts, and other official Kaskaskia College materials only as authorized by the college President or designee.  The seal only may be used by college employees when engaged in college-related activities by the college President.

The Kaskaskia College seal may be presented in KC Blue on white background.  It also may be presented as white on a KC Blue background, KC Gold on a KC Blue background, or a black background or a white background, or Black on a white background.  Gold foil may be used to highlight the seal on the atom, book and the lamp of learning.  Informal or promotional use of the seal is prohibited in order to maintain exclusivity.   

Trademark:   Kaskaskia College Logo       

As the focal point of Kaskaskia College’s graphic identify system, the Kaskaskia College logo communicates the college’s message in a variety of applications: advertising, buildings, promotional media, signs, social media, stationary and more.  The logo is trademarked and any campus entities, campus departments, community partners, higher education institutions, or marketing agencies should have written permission of Kaskaskia College’s Marketing and Public Information Department to use the official logo in materials. 

The term “logo” is used to indicate the major elements of Kaskaskia College’s identity:

  • Icon (the KC Block Icon and Swoosh)
  • KC Block IC (KC Block Icon Alone)
  • Logotype (the “Kaskaskia College” name)

Whenever practical, the icon and the logotype should be used together.  There may be instances, however, when the Kaskaskia College Icon and Block Icon may appear alone – primarily when the logotype will be reproduced too small or at too far a distance to be seen clearly. 

•         KC Blue:  Pantone Reflex Blue C (and the equivalent web safe color)

  • CMYK: 100, 87,0,20
  • RGB: 0, 20, 137
  • Hex/HTML: 001489
  • Black: Pantone: Black
    • CMYK 0,0,0,100
    • RGB: 0, 0, 0
    • Hex: #000000

The logo and seal should be reproduced only from the master artwork provided electronically or via the Kaskaskia College Marketing and Public Information Department.  The icon, seal, and logotype should never be redrawn.

Approval History:

Replaces Logo and Seal Policy 6.2 Approved December 20, 2001 and March 22, 2021