Polices and Procedures

Board Bylaw:   
Policy Number:  5.1010
Subject Area:  Student Services 
Approved Date: 03 /26/2018

Kaskaskia College is committed to providing quality services to veterans, active military personnel, and their families pursuing educational advancement at the College through centralized support and advising, assistance with financial benefits, recognition of military and educational experience, peer social interactions, support while transitioning to civilian and student life, and career services support. Additionally, the College promotes these benefits and services through national recognition opportunities.

The College has established position of Coordinator of Veterans Services who shall function as an ombudsperson to serve the specific needs of student veterans, active military personnel, and their families. The Coordinator of Veterans Services is a centralized source providing education and guidance to student veterans, active military personnel, and their families on all benefit services and programs for which they are eligible, and assisting in the procurement of those benefits.

The College, through the Coordinator, will actively promote veteran and military programs and available services utilizing the College website, social media, promotional mailings and the student application process. Further promotion of veteran services is accomplished, through interdepartmental coordination, collaboration with peer institutions, and the implementation and support of Veterans Student Organization.

The College shall participate in ongoing program assessment and national military affiliated recognition opportunities to consistently improve services provided to military and veteran students and their families. For continuing improvement college wide, veterans and military students participate in student satisfaction surveys on a regular basis.

Moreover, the College will make the best effort to determine how online curricula can be expanded or modified to best serve the needs of veterans and deployed military personnel. As required by 110 Illinois Compiled Statutes Chapter 49, the College will provide reports on Veteran Services programs as directed in accordance with submission parameters.

Approval History:
March 26, 2018