Polices and Procedures

Board Bylaw:   
Policy Number:  4.4500
Subject Area:  Personnel 
Approved Date:  01/01/1999

This policy does not apply to College employees covered by the Kaskaskia College Education Association collective bargaining agreement, as that agreement contains a section covering this issue.

A College employee normally shall have the right to publish, copyright, develop and patent any original work that he has developed on his own initiative, entirely on his own time, and entirely at his own expense.  The College; however, shall have the rights to any patent, copyrights, and royalties resulting there from where:
  • The copyrights and/or patents developed with the use of assistance of College equipment or facilities (whether owned or rented), materials, supplies, funds, information, on College time (in whole or in part), or with the time and/or services of College employees and/or students; or
  • The patent and/or copyright is made or developed in the performance of College commissioned assignments or projects, including private or government sponsored grants received by the College.
  • The College President, with approval of the Board of Trustees, may waive any right that the College may have to a patent, copyright or royalties resulting therefrom by written agreement with the College employee.

Approval History: Replaces Ownership and Royalties of Patents and/or Copyrights Policy 2.45 approved 01/01/1999