Policies and Procedures

Board Bylaw:   
Policy Number:  3.4001
Subject Area:  Business Services and Finances 
Adopted: 04/27/2020
Revised: 04/27/2020

It is the goal of Kaskaskia Community College to ensure that all gift solicitations in the name of the College, Kaskaskia College Foundation, or any units of the College are made in a transparent, ethical, and legal manner while ensuring that potential donors and funders are respected and appropriately cultivated.  Planning and coordination are essential to successful fundraising efforts. The coordination of all fundraising activities and solicitations is the responsibility of the Office of Institutional Advancement and programs and solicitations are approved by the President of Kaskaskia College.

The benefits of coordinating fundraising and gift solicitations through one office are:

  • To assess the appropriateness and timing of solicitations in light of institutional goals and strategic priorities
  • To provide continuity in building understanding and support for College-wide funding needs
  • To avoid confusion and duplication of fundraising efforts
  • To maximize the contribution from each potential donor
  • To ensure complete and accurate records are maintained for all gifts
  • To ensure gifts comply with donor restrictions and are properly acknowledged

The Kaskaskia College Foundation was created to aid and assist the College in the furtherance of its goals and objectives. The Foundation qualifies as an exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Its purpose as a non-profit organization is to solicit, collect, and receive gifts, funds, contributions, and bequests to continue College goals and objectives. Solicitations and gifts include various forms of donations including, but not limited to, cash, securities, real estate, in-kind, and other gifts.

Solicitations or fundraising activities by faculty, staff, any unit of the College, or students must be coordinated by the Office of Institutional Advancement and approved by the President of the College. All such programs and activities shall follow the Fund Solicitation Procedure #6.4.

Approval History:  Replaces Fund Solicitation 6.4, approved January 17, 2002 and April 27, 2020