Policies and Procedures

Board Bylaw:   
Policy Number:  3.4001
Subject Area:  Business Services and Finances 
Adopted: 04/27/2020
Revised: 04/27/2020

A coordinated effort for conducting solicitations and fundraising activities is vital for consistency and maintaining favorable donor relations. It is the responsibility of the Office of Institutional Advancement, under the direction of the College President, to approve fundraising events and donor solicitations on behalf of the College.

Employees or any unit of Kaskaskia Community College wanting to solicit funds or conduct a fundraising activity must submit a detailed, written proposal to the Office of Institutional Advancement before starting fundraising efforts.

The proposal must include the following information:

  • Description of the activity
  • Person in charge of the event or solicitation
  • Explanation of how the money will be used
  • Fundraising or solicitation goal
  • List of who is being approached
  • Amount(s) to be solicited
  • Approximate timeframe of the solicitation or date of the activity
  • Approval of appropriate Vice President
  • Any other information deemed helpful

Once the proposal is approved, the following procedures must be followed:

I.  Handling of Cash

When receiving cash donations or handling financial transactions at a fundraising activity, adhere to procedures per Cash Handling Procedure #4.155P.

II.  Fundraising Events

The person in charge of the event is responsible for the following:

  • Plan, conduct, and administer the fundraising event
  • Train individuals on Cash Handling Procedure; Accounting Manager and Senior Accountant will assist as needed
  • Coordinate with the Director of Institutional Advancement to ensure disclosures on tickets or other materials identifying amounts to be paid properly identify the value of the donation and/or the fair market value of goods and services received
  • Coordinate with the Director of Institutional Advancement and Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Administration, who serves as the Foundation bookkeeper, to properly list donors and donations received so tax acknowledgements are properly prepared and sent.

III.  Raffles

Raffle requirements vary by city and county. Notify the Office of Institutional Advancement one month in advance of the drawing if the drawing will be held at a location other than the College’s main campus.


IV.  In-Kind Donations

Before accepting in-kind contributions, employees must submit an In-Kind Gift Acceptance Form to the Office of Institutional Advancement. The Form should be submitted at least one month in advance of the anticipated acceptance date in order to allow sufficient time for completion of all procedures and approvals. Board of Trustee approval is required for certain in-kind gifts as identified on the Form.

V.  Donor Privacy

Information concerning donors, prospective donors, beneficiaries, and size and type of contribution is held in strict confidence.  Otherwise, unless anonymity is requested, public donor acknowledgements will be coordinated by the Office of Institutional Advancement in collaboration with the College’s marketing and public relations departments.

VI.  Unsolicited Gifts

Upon receiving an unsolicited donation, individuals should immediately contact the Director of Institutional Advancement.

Approval History:   Replaces Fund Solicitation Procedure 6.4, approved January 17, 2002 and April 27, 2020