Polices and Procedures

Board Bylaw:   
Policy Number:  6.0300
Subject Area:  Instruction 
Approved Date: 12 /24/2017

Evaluation of Qualifications for Full Time, Adjunct, and Dual Credit Faculty

Individuals applying to teach at Kaskaskia College must submit the following:

  • KC Application for Employment

    • Full time, adjunct, or dual credit Instructor Approval Form

  • Cover Letter

  • Current Resume

  • Transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate coursework.  Official transcripts are required before teaching assignment can be formalized.

  • Copies of any additional certificates and/or training in the instructor’s teaching field

All application materials for full time and adjunct positions are forwarded to the Human Resources Office.  Materials for dual credit teaching are forwarded to the respective instructional dean.

The application and selection process for full-time faculty follows College Policy #4.1500.

Application materials for adjunct and dual credit faculty are forwarded to the appropriate instructional dean for approval.

  • The instructional dean, with input from appropriate faculty in the discipline, will evaluate the applicant’s credentials. If it is determined that the applicant meets the minimum instructor qualifications, the instructional dean will indicate on the Adjunct Faculty Approval form or Dual Credit Instructor Approval Form documentation which (if any) courses the applicant is approved to teach within his/her respective area(s).

  • The original application packet and approval form are returned to the Human Resources Office. The Human Resources Office makes notification to the applicants informing them of their approval status.

  • Current or prospective instructors who are pursuing additional coursework to fully meet HLC standards prior to the deadline for doing so, are required to meet with the appropriate instructional dean to develop a progression plan and to complete a Faculty Credentialing Meeting Form and faculty Professional Education Agreement (PEA).  Each semester, the instructor is required to submit documentation of completed, approved courses listed in the PEA plan.

  • The names of approved applicants will be added to the Approved Adjunct Faculty list, along with the classes that each adjunct is qualified to teach.  Such list is made available to the instructional areas via the College intranet.

  • Original application materials for all approved faculty are kept on file in the Human Resources Office.  Copies of materials for all approved adjunct and dual credit instructors are kept on file in the appropriate instructional dean’s office and stored electronically.

Faculty files will be reviewed regularly (at a minimum, every three years) to ensure that instructors maintain the qualifications necessary for the course(s) being taught, and that additional degrees, coursework, industry/third part credentials, and/or relevant work experience acquired since the last review are properly documented.

Replaces Faculty Credentialing Procedure 3.11P
Approved April 24, 2017; August 18, 2017