Polices and Procedures

Board Bylaw:   
Policy Number:  2.6005
Subject Area:  General College Policies/Administration 
Approved Date:  09/25/2017
The Space Management Advisory Committee (SMAC), will review campus space needs and make recommendations based on the most effective use for the institution as a whole.  It is the responsibility of this committee to evaluate all space requests (new, augmented, and/or change of use) and make a space recommendation in the context of the College’s educational mission and institutional plans.  The committee submits all space assignment recommendations to the Vice President of Administrative Services for approval.   Additionally, the committee serves in an advisory capacity in assessing and guiding the execution of all facets of campus space management processes.

This procedure does not apply in instances when a replacement employee will be located in the same space as their predecessor.

The SMAC committee will consist of representation from Administrative Services, Student Services, and Instructional Services. The committee is responsible for the following:

  1. Ensuring the effective use of the College’s room/real estate resources
  2. Maintaining an inventory of all College space
  3. Reviewing requests for moves or additional space
  4. Making recommendation of space usage based on need and availability
  5. Conducting a space analysis and verification of room infrastructure (data connections, electrical outlets, HVAC, etc.) in terms of the proposed move(s)
  6. Identifying costs associated with proposed moves such as painting, lighting, carpet replacement, furniture requirements, electrical needs, data jacks, etc.
  7. Coordinating with Information Technology and Physical Plant Departments to ensure approved requests are well planned and completed in a timely fashion
  1. The supervisor completes the Space Request Form and submits it to the department’s vice president for endorsement to proceed.
  2. Following endorsement, the Vice President submits the completed form to the Chair of the SMAC. 
  3. SMAC will make recommendation to the Vice President of Administrative Services following review, and potential clarifying investigation.
  4. The Vice President of Administrative Services will make the final decision and notify the President and SMAC.
  5. SMAC will notify the requestor of the decision, and if approved, will notify Physical Plant and Information Technology (IT) to coordinate the move with the requestor.

All requests will be processed in the order of receipt.  Approved moves will be scheduled dependent upon a variety of variables, including painting needs, furniture requirements, data and telephone requirements, and staff availability.  Most moves will require a two-week lead-time.  Although, moves requested for the following reasons will be processed and scheduled immediately:

  1. Security and safety
  2. ADA or health-related
  3. Other emergencies
Packing and Personal Items
  1. Packing belongings is the employee’s responsibility.  Cardboard boxes and tape are available from the Physical Plant Department.  Contents of desks and bookcases will need to be packed prior to the move date.  The Physical Plant Department will determine if filing cabinet contents must be removed on a case-by-case basis.  Please label everything clearly with employee name, department, and new location (both building and room number).  All packing must be completed before the move.
  2. It is strongly recommended that the employee or a designee be present on moving day.  Additionally, please ensure that contact information is provided to the Physical Plant in case there are questions.
  1. Note that Physical Plant personnel will move only college-owned property including the packed boxes, file cabinets, and furnishings.  Individuals are responsible for moving personal items to eliminate the possibility of damage.
Computers, Printers, & Telephone

Shut down and power off the computer and printer before the identified move date.  The Physical Plant Department or IT personnel will disconnect and physically move computers and printers, and reconnect these devices at the new location.   The IT Department will disconnect the employee’s phone and transfer it to the new location.

After the Move

After the employee is relocated, the following actions should be of priority:

  1. Verify all belongings have been relocated.
  2. Ensure the phone has a dial tone.
  3. Ensure the computer connects to the network.
  4. Request the supervisor contact the Security Department for keys.
  5. Direct any phone, computer, or printer questions to the IT Help Desk at extension #3098.
  6. Contact Physical Plant if assistance is needed in hanging pictures or other wall mounted items.
 Approval History: Replaces Space Management Procedure 4.51 approved September 25, 2017