Polices and Procedures

Board Bylaw:   
Policy Number:  6.0301
Subject Area:  Instruction 
Approved Date: 12 /09/2013
  1. Admissions and Registration staff will assign a professional advisor restriction for first time registration to the student’s account.


  1. Upon completion of the advising appointment, the advisor will assign a faculty mentor to the student in their designated career and educational discipline.  A faculty mentor restriction will be applied to the student’s account for future registration periods.


  1. An educational plan and case notes will be provided to the designated faculty mentor for each new student in their career and educational discipline.


  1. The faculty mentor will review the plan and will make recommendations for changes as needed.  .


  1. The faculty mentor will review the education plan with the student prior to the start of each registration period. The faculty mentor will communicate any recommended changes with the student and approve the student to register. 


  1. In the event that a student elects a different career and educational discipline, the advisor will develop a new educational plan and a new faculty mentor will be assigned.

Replaces Faculty Mentoring Procedure 3.91P
Approved December 9, 2013