Policies and Procedures

Board Bylaw:   
Policy Number:  2.3001
Subject Area:  General College Policies/Administration 
Adopted: 02/24/2014
Revised: 02/24/2014

Possession of firearms and other weapons on Kaskaskia College property, whether controlled, leased, or owned by the College, at events sponsored by the College, or in vehicles owned, leased, or controlled by the College, is prohibited, unless the individual is an authorized law enforcement officer, an officer of the Kaskaskia College Department of Public Safety possessing current law enforcement officer status through a law enforcement agency as recognized by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board, or unless a concealed firearm is being stored in accordance with the Illinois Firearms Concealed Carry Act, as outlined below. The exception for authorized law enforcement officers does not apply to College Safety and Security Officers who are performing College duties. The College may request suitable identification authorizing someone to possess a weapon and may confirm the authorization with the appropriate authorities.

Pursuant to the Illinois Firearms Concealed Carry Act, an individual who is properly licensed under the Act, and who is on College property for legitimate business, is permitted to store a concealed firearm or ammunition inside a vehicle in any College parking lot, excluding the visitor parking area south of the Children’s Learning Center. Such firearm must be stored in a case within a locked vehicle or in a locked container, out of plain view. For purposes of this policy, “case” includes a glove compartment or console that completely encloses the concealed firearm or ammunition, the trunk of the vehicle, or a firearm carrying box, shipping box or other container.

For purposes of this policy, a weapon is defined as a firearm, dangerous chemicals, explosive devices of any kind, compressed air guns, pellet guns, BB guns, illegal knives (pursuant to 720 ILCS 5/24-1), stun guns, electric shock devices, bludgeons, or any other item used in a threatening manner toward another individual. The College reserves the right to further determine the definition of a "weapon" and may prohibit other devices on an individual basis.

Defensive devices, such as Mace, pepper sprays, etc. are permitted, if legal, unless used in an offensive or threatening manner. Kaskaskia College has the discretion to permit weapons, including firearms, for the purpose of instruction and curriculum of officially recognized programs, including, but not limited to, military science and law enforcement training programs. Such uses and permission must be approved in advance in writing by the College President or his designee.

Individuals who violate this policy are subject to disciplinary sanctions, up to and including discharge or expulsion, may be barred from Kaskaskia College, and may face legal prosecution by law enforcement personnel. Being under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol does not excuse the violation of this policy.

Approval History:

Replaces Possession of Weapons Policy 6.5, Approved January 16, 2002 and February 24, 2014