Policies and Procedures

Board Bylaw:   
Policy Number:  4.1016
Subject Area:  Personnel 
Adopted: 08/21/2003
Revised: 08/21/2003

Kaskaskia College encourages alleged victims of sexual abuse, and their parents or guardians, in the case of minors, to report valid claims.  The College has designated a Sexual Abuse Investigative Team, who shall be responsible for coordinating and implementing this policy.

  1. Any incident of alleged sexual abuse must be reported as soon as possible as follows:
  2. Employees, Volunteers, and College Students

Employees, volunteers, and College students are required to report any known or suspected incidents of sexual abuse to any one of the following: the College President, the Vice President of Educational Services, the Vice President of Administrative Services, the Dean of Arts and Sciences, the Dean of Continuing/Community Education, the Dean of Career and Technical Education, any Extension Center Coordinator, or the designated Sexual Abuse Investigative team.

  1. Students in Child Care Center

Parents or legal guardians of Child Care Center students shall be advised of the contents of this policy and procedure and are to follow the reporting requirements as described above.

If a case of suspected child abuse occurs, the appropriate College employee shall immediately notify the child’s parent or legal guardian, and the appropriate legal authorities as required by State or local law.  In addition, appropriate paperwork, investigation and follow-up with the child will be provided pursuant to applicable State and local law and administrative guidelines.

  1. Any employee, student, or volunteer involved in a reported incident of child abuse shall be immediately relieved of responsibilities that involve interaction with minors or shall be suspended, as appropriate.  Reinstatement of employees, volunteers, or students involved in a reported incident of child abuse shall occur only after all allegations of child abuse have been cleared by the College.
  2. Investigation and Discipline

All reports of conduct that is inconsistent with this policy will be promptly, thoroughly, and impartially investigated as expeditiously as possible.  As part of the investigation, all involved parties will have an opportunity to present information.  If an investigation confirms that a violation of this policy has occurred, the College will take corrective action, including discipline, up to and including dismissal or expulsion, as is reasonable and appropriate under the circumstances. 

In the event of a violation of this policy by an individual who is not a College employee or student, the College will take corrective action that is reasonable and appropriate under the circumstances.

Where appropriate and/or required, suspected sexual abuse will be immediately reported to the appropriate legal authorities.

  1. False Allegations

False allegations regarding sexual abuse will not be tolerated, and any person knowingly making a false accusation will likewise be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including discharge or expulsion.

  1. Retaliation

Kaskaskia College forbids retaliation against any individual for seeking information on sexual abuse, making a charge, filing a sexual abuse complaint, or testifying, assisting, or participating in an investigation, proceeding, or hearing involving a complaint of sexual abuse. Any individual that believes he/she has experienced or witnessed any conduct he/she believes to be retaliatory should immediately notify any of the individuals named above.

  1. Confidentiality

All parties in the complaint process are obligated to protect the privacy of all persons involved.  The College will take reasonable steps to ensure confidentiality; however, confidentiality cannot be guaranteed.

Approval History: Replacement for Sexual Abuse Procedure 2.101.5P  Approved 08/21/2003