Polices and Procedures

Board Bylaw:   
Policy Number:  3.4003
Subject Area:  Business Services and Finances 
Approved Date: 09 /28/2015

Kaskaskia College encourages donations in support of the College’s mission and welcomes the opportunity to work with groups and individuals on gifts that will be beneficial to the College, its students, and Community College District #501.

All donations are accepted by the College through the Kaskaskia College Foundation, and will be accepted and processed according to the established procedures accompanying this policy.The college reserves the right not to accept certain gifts, including those from which the college will realize little or no financial gain, or which are made for purposes that are inconsistent with the college’s educational mission, or which have restrictions that violate the college’s ethical standards or require illegal discrimination.

The college also reserves the right to sell or otherwise dispose of gifts, where restrictions on such actions were not made at the time of the donation.  The College will make reasonable efforts to consult with the donor prior to such disposition.

Approval History:  Replaces Acceptance and Processing of Donations 4.8 approved September 28, 2015